Secured Landfill Facility (SLF)

In State of Gujarat, the establishment of Common Secured Landfill Facility became necessary to facilitate disposal of solid waste being generated by various industrial units in an environmentally safe manner.

Common Secured Landfill Facility was also necessary to fulfill the requirement of the provisions of Hazardous Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1989 framed under Environment (Protection) Act 1986.

The solid wastes generated by the industrial units in Gujarat mainly consist of Gypsum, Iron Sludge, ETP Sludge, Incinerator Ash, Reject / Off specification Materials etc.

Keeping these requirements in mind, M/s. EcoCare Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. initially formed for give a facility for disposal of solid waste to industrial units in Gujarat state.

Also, M/s. EcoCare Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. have provide Proper interim storage facilities to industrial units for the storage of solid waste during themonsoon period.